INTERNATIONAL WORKING DOG REGISTRY - Registering Quality Purebred Dogs

a lab puppy bred for retrieving work.Welcome!

INTERNATIONAL WORKING DOG REGISTRY  is a, non profit, registry for high quality working dogs only.

We work with breeders of purebred dogs that look great and can do what the breed was originally bred to do.  German Shepherds should protect, pointers should point, retrievers should retrieve, and companion dogs should comfort. Working service dogs should guide, rescue or assist.  Many dogs from Germany, Italy, Spain, South America countries come to the USA and can't find a registry that has standards that compare to theirs.  IWDR attempts to do just that.

Only dogs that are of exacting standards can register with INTERNATIONAL WORKING DOG REGISTRY.  Another purpose of a dog registry is to ensure that the dog is a purebred dog with a pedigree to prove it.

You have purchased a rare and valuable dog.  Without registration, you lower the value, of your dog, to that of a mutt, or common, mixed breed dog.

A beautiful, "Three Generation Pedigree," suitable for framing, is also available upon request.  It will list parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, on both parents sides.

Contact us today for more info.

Phone:  719-207-9866
Mailing address:  506 East 6th Street, Walsenburg, Co. 81089

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